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Discografia De Dinosaur Jr

Dinosaur Jr es una banda estadounidense de rock alternativo, formados oficialmente en 1983 por J. Mascis y Lou Barlow. Fueron una de las bandas fundamentales del noise pop al igual que Pixies y Sonic Youth, y junto con ellos influyeron considerablemente a la explosión del grunge en los '90. En Estados Unidos, Dinosaur Jr son conocidos por canciones como "The Wagon" (1991) y "Feel the Pain" (1994).


Hey babe, thought maybe
Can't feel, not today
Wish it didn't faze me
Can't handle either way

With life surrounded
Entombed in war
Don't lie to her, no bones, no bones
The vast expanses, it can't be too grand
To go together outside

Hey babe, can't do it
Can't put you there again
Can't feel, can't go through it
If there only was a way
If there only was a way


With life surrounded
Entombed in war
Don't lie to her, no bones, no bones
The vast expanses, it can't be too grand
Or i'll send them back

Dinosaur (1985)

01. Forget the Swan
02. Cats in a Bowl
03. The Leper
04. Does It Float
05. Pointless
06. Repulsion
07. Gargoyle
08. Severed Lips
09. Mountain Man
10. Quest
11. Bulbs of Passion


You're Living All Over Me

01. Little Fury Things
02. Kracked
03. Sludgefeast
04. The Lung
05. Raisans
06. Tarpit
07. In A Jar
08. Lose
09. Poledo
10. Show Me the Way



01. Freak Scene
02. No Bones
03. They Always Come
04. Yeah We Know
05. Let It Ride
06. Pond Song
07. Budge
08. The Post
09. Don't
10. Keep The Glove (Bonus Track)



01. The Wagon
02. Puke & Cry
03. Blowing It
04. I Live for That Look
05. Flying Cloud
06. How'd You Pin That One on Me
07. Water
08. Muck
09. Thumb
10. Green Mind



01. Little Fury Things
02. In A Jar
03. Show Me The Way
04. Freak Scene
05. Keep The Glove
06. Just Like Heaven
07. Throw Down
08. Chunks


Whatever's Cool With Me

1. Whatever's Cool With Me
2. Sideways
3. Not You Again
4. The Little Baby
5. Pebbles & Weeds
6. Quicksand
7. Thumb (live)
8. Keep the Glove (live)


Where You Been

01. Out There
02. Start Choppin
03. What Else Is New
04. On the Way
05. Not the Same
06. Get Me
07. Drawerings
08. Hide
09. Goin Home
10. I Ain't Sayin


Without A Sound

01. Feel the Pain
02. I Don't Think So
03. Yeah Right
04. Outta Hand
05. Grab It
06. Even You
07. Mind Glow
08. Get Out of This
09. On the Brink
10. Seemed Like the Thing to Do
11. Over Your Shoulder



01. Quest (live)
02. Hot Burrito #2
03. Turnip Farm
04. Forget It
05. Kracked (live)
06. Keeblin'
07. Severed Lips (Mark Goodier Session)
08. Get Me (John Peel Session)
09. Thumb (Mark Goodier Session)
10. Quest (acoustic)


Hand It Over

01. I Don't Think
02. Never Bought It
03. Nothin's Goin' On
04. I'm Insane
05. Can't We Move This
06. Alone
07. Sure Not Over You
08. Loaded
09. Mick
10. I Know Yer Insane
11. Gettin Rough
12. Gotta Know


In Session

01. In A Jar
02. Leper
03. Keep the Glove
04. Budge
05. Bulbs of Passion
06. Raisans
07. Keeblin
08. No Bones
09. Does It Float
10. Get Me


Zombie Worm

01. Little Fury Things
02. Repulsion
03. Freak Scene
04. Just Like Heaven
05. Forget the Swan
06. Budge
07. The Lung
08. Bulbs of passion
09. Raisans
10. No Bones
11. Gargoyle
12. In A Jar
13. Yeah We Know
14. Sludge Feast
15. Freak Scene (Live)
16. Forget The Swan (Live)



01. Almost Ready
02. Crumble
03. Pick Me Up
04. Back to Your Heart
05. This is All I Came to Do
06. Been There All the Time
07. It's Me
08. We're Not Alone
09. I Got Lost
10. Lightning Bulb
11. What If I Knew...


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